Chela Rhea Harper

Certified Professional Hypnotist & Creativity Coach

As a composer and professional musician, I have experienced both the joy and hardship facing those who choose a creative path. 

At every level of success, creators encounter unforeseen adversity and struggle with blocks, self-doubt, and uncertainty. The key is learning to navigate these dark waters without losing ourselves in the process.

It often takes an emotional upheaval or life-changing event to trigger a departure away from the ordinary world and toward one’s deeply felt purpose.

In 2016, after a series of significant personal losses—I reached a point of no return—my dark night of the soul.

  In confronting the depths of my own ruin, I began to see the totality of my experience and the gold that had been gifted to me. 

By recognizing the creative potential hidden within the perceived chaos of my circumstances, I was led toward a path of alchemical healing and spiritually immersive creativity.

Over the past few years, I have dedicated myself to helping other creators to transmute their struggles into strengths and unlock their creative potential through inner-work, meditation, and alchemy.


“Starting coaching sessions with Chela has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Her knowledge, guidance, and personalized meditations have helped me grow both spiritually and creatively. Chela has been an amazing teacher, and her support and dedication to our work together has been invaluable in my continuing journey of creative expression and self awareness.”

Becca King - Musician, Writer & Entrepreneur

“Chela is an amazing teacher and coach. She's a great listener, guide, and always makes the time for you. She's someone who puts in 110% into her clients and it's great to see someone who's truly passionate and enthusiastic about working with you and getting you where you want to be.”

Matt Deml - Writer, Designer & Musician

“Chela emphasized, above all: care for and build yourself. Some of our talks were surrounding uncertainty, doubt, despairing at the idea of not being good enough—typical artist snags—and methods of cultivating self-love in the face of rampant self-distrust. Without this help and validation of self-care techniques/necessity, I would certainly be much less for my work in music.”

David Frazier - Musician & Artist

“In her coaching, Chela offers presence, insight and deep listening to help further mine creative expression, and is a master at turning ideas into action. It's often the business or "execution" side of things that run amuck, and this is such a glorious strength of hers. To help you figure out, and get beyond, that stuck point. To facilitate in your creation of a viable product or service that aligns with your calling. With her intuitive wisdom, she seamlessly blends the spiritual with the practical, and I find her invaluable! ”

Joy Burch - Former Owner & Director of "Inward Bound"

“Chela helped me to crystallize my creative ideas and put them into action. For far too long, I felt blocked and didn't know how to move forward. I felt stuck in my process while developing my online program and continuing to write my book. Chela's intuitive guidance and knowledge of project development helped me regain momentum. I highly recommend working with Chela. If you are feeling stuck in your process, she will help you to open your mind and heart so that you can create what you desire.”

Petra Rakebrandt - Meditation Coach and Author

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